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RETURNING CONSIGNORS be sure to Read the Page Returning Consignors

Consigning Registration:
~Use the link at the top of this page to register as a consignor and to create a consignor account.  Your consignor account will give you access to the online software that is used for tracking all items that are consigned.  ALL items being sold must be entered using this software.  RETURNING consignors can login using the same consignor # as last year.
~A non-refundable consignor fee is collected from ALL consignors.
$8.00 –April 1 – July 31 – MUST be postmarked
$10.00- August 1– Sale – MUST be postmarked
This fee should be mailed to

From Me 2 You Consignment,  2128 Bald Eagle RD,  Drumore PA,  17518

~You must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope when you drop-off your items.
If you forget to bring an envelope to drop-off, we will have envelopes and stamps available at drop off at a cost of $2.00 deducted from your profit.  The envelope will be used to mail your consignor earnings.
~Earnings will be mailed no later than 30 days after the sale ends.

Selling Items:
Unacceptable items: stuffed animals, plush items, crib bumpers, cribs mattresses, any recalled items, food items of any type, R rated DVDs, sleeping bags, car seats.
Acceptable items: Spring/Summer clothing sizes from newborn to child size 18, junior clothing and shoes, maternity clothes, and adult clothing and shoes, toddler bed frames, comforters, play mats, pack-n-plays, boppies, toys and games, DVDs, electronics for kids, kid themed room decor, bikes and riding toys, sports equipment, Halloween costumes, books, educational materials,  strollers and baby items.
~ No SPRING/SUMMER clothing such as winter coats, fleece jackets, hats, gloves etc.
~Items being sold must be Gently used or NEW – Clothing – NO tears, worn knees, stains, or excessive wear (fading and excessive piling). Shoes must be in “gently used” condition – no excessive wear on toes visible or excessive marks or dirt. Items will be removed from the sale floor and considered bargain items.
~Toys must have all pieces together, in working condition, with batteries included.
~Bargain Items – items that do not meet our “gently used or new” criteria or our seasonal criteria will be pulled and placed in our  bargain Item area.
~In compliance with Pennsylvania’s Bedding and Upholstery Law, during drop-off, certain items must be disinfected and tagged with From Me 2 You Consignment yellow label.

The following items must be kept outside in our tent area and disinfected: Upholstered furniture, bedding, cradle/changing table pad, bedding, thick multi-layered blankets, comforters, stroller seats and padding, high chair seats, pack-n-plays, boppies, play mats, padded swings & bouncers. If it has a white label describing filling and fabric and the label says “This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer, it needs our yellow label. It is the consignor’s responsibility to take these items to the disinfecting area outside the consignment sale building. If the state inspector finds an untreated item, then the consignor is responsible for the $50-$100 per item violation fine.
~From Me 2 You Consignment is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. We will not refund money for these items.

Presentation of Items if Important:

~All clothing must be on hangers, with the hanger hook making a “?” when looking at the front of the item.
~Secure pants, hats, etc, to outfit with safety pins or tagging gun.
~Onesies, socks, little toys, and books being sold together can be placed in Ziploc bags
~Toys with lots of parts need to be in a Ziploc bag, taped securely to the toy.
~All items must be clean and odor free.
~No items should be broken or cracked
~Ironing is recommended when necessary


Steps once you get to the registration page:

Step 1:


Step 2:  Enter your Consignor Information


Step 3:  Check your email for your Consignor Id and Login information.  If you do not see it, check your Spam Mail and Junk Mail.

Step 4: Login and begin entering your items into the system to make your tags.  See Creating Tags to guide you on how to create tags, print tags and tips for tagging your items.

Resource for pricing tips:  Consignment Mommies  Ask yourself how much would you pay for the item!


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