Creating Tags

Creating Tags:
~All items being sold must be entered into our consignor software program. This will allow us to use barcodes to better track your sales.
~You must include Description of item (brand name is suggested too), price, size when applicable.
~Price items in .50 increments.
~From 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. we will have a ½ sale, BY checking the Disc box when entering your items, you are agreeing that the items can be sold for ½ price during the ½ price sale.
~By checking D, you are agreeing to donating your items for the fill a bag event, held at the end of the sale.
~Tags should be printed on cardstock (need to be durable to hold up during the sale), they can not be handed written.
~You will print your tags directly from the consignor software program.

Resource for pricing tips:  Consignment Mommies  Ask yourself how much would you pay for the item!  Price and quality of item determine if it will sell!


  1.  All tags must be printed on card stock – color DOES NOT matter.
  2. If using a tagging gun, barb should go through the clothing tag or a seam to prevent a hole in clothing item.
  3. If possible use painters tape to secure tags to books, shoes, toys and bagged items.  Painter’s tape will not leave a mark or tear books.
  4. Hangers should be creating a ?  See pictures below.
  5. Items that should not be on hangers: hats, belts, socks
  6. You must include description of item (brand name is suggested too), price, size when applicable.
  7. Changes  can not be hand written once tags are printed.
  8. All tags must be secured on the outside of the item, clothing items on the front.
  9. Deadline for entering items to be included in the sale is March 25th at 11:59 pm.
  10. If you can not print your tags or don’t have time for tagging?Services we can provide you:
    • Printing Service – You enter everything, we just print the tags for you and return them to you to attached to your items. Cost $2 per 50 tags. You earn  70% of sales
    • Tagging Service- You register, pay and make arrangements with us to drop off items.  You earn based on the schedule below
      • July 1 -August 17            $30 fee, earn 60%
    • Contact us to sign-up for our extra service.




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